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Patient Testimonials

I am very thankful for Dr. Kaldestad. He saved my tooth through a root canal that was very difficult. I had a good chance of losing that tooth. Dr. Kaldestad saved it. Thank you.

Toni W.

Dr. Arash Niazi and team have always made me feel comfortable and cared for. Also say call anytime there is any pain.

Linda B

I was really nervous, but Dr. Niazi made me very comfortable and the procedure was easy. Thank you!

Anna L

Dr. Kaldestad has performed 3 root canals for me and each time I have been pain free afterwards, and feel so comforted by staff prior to procedure.  I no longer freak out when the term root canal is uttered!!

Cyndy W

I just want to first off thank Dr. Kaldestad for his wonderful demeanor and kind chair side manner. I first came to Anchor Endodontics because I'd been suffering from a large amount of pain and I'd already had two root canals done in the same area but my pain was still present.Dr. Kaldestad diagnosed a root canal and started treatment, after the root canal was done I've had no pain in the area and his staff were wonderful! Thank you again for everything you've done you are highly recommended for all root canal treatments

Courtney C.

I was very nervous about having a root canal, and was unsure what to expect. Everyone in the office was very nice and treated me well. Dr Roy N. Kaldestad made me feel confident that he knew what he was doing. I have had several root canals and was not looking forward to another bad experience. Dr . Kaldestad explained each step along the way and was very careful and gentle. He even called me later in the day to check on me and to make sure I didn't need anything. I highly recommend going to Dr Kaldestad.

Kathy B

I have some serious "issues" when it comes to dental work. I have had some tramatic experiences that have left me with PTSD! Dr. Kaldasted and staff treated me with such caring and kindness that I am so grateful. I am always a "mess" when it comes to dental work...I could not believe that I not only had no pain/anxiety I was actually relaxed!!!! (A very first in a very long time!!) I would also like to note that I have been to 2 other endodontists, and I certainly can compare. Anchor is the VERY BEST. I thank them so very, very much.

Toni A

This was the best experience I have had.  I was in so much pain when I arrived I was almost certain they had given me strong pain meds when thery were done.  Recovery was fast. Best Job!  Nice work!

Emmett B

I was really anxious about coming in, but everyone made me feel really comfortable.  Dr. Kaldestad explained the procedure and always asked if I was doing ok.  I will definitely recommend him to people I know.  I also appreciated the phone call checking on me.  What a consideate thing to do!  Thanks so much!

Gail M

Never had such a painless procedure! I appreciate that you recognize my apprehension and "white knuckles." No pain after, either.  Thanks Dr. Niazi for your call.

Peggy L

I wanted to thank you all, especially Shawnna, Kayla, and Dr. Kaldestad for your excellent care and patience.  The awful reputation of getting a root canal has been shattered in my opinion forever!  Each of you made me feel so comfortable during each step, from setting up my appointment through to a follow up call from Dr. Kaldestad Friday night.  I'm feeling better already and enjoying a nice hot cup of coffee this morning for the first time in a week!

Many Thanks,

Michelle C

Even with the severe infection, your team provided excellent care and made me very comfortable.  I would recommend you to my friends and family.

Pat Z

Dr. K was very kind and called me that evening to check on me.  I will continue to use his services in the New Year.  His staff was very helpful, too.

Melesa N

I felt my comfort was very important to the Doctor and assistant.  I felt very well taken care of.  Thank you so much for your gentle service.

Kellee S

Dr. Kaldestad and his assistant were very kind and accommodating.  I appreciate him taking the time to call later and check in on my root canal.  I would highly recommend the office.

Kim F

I came in for a root canal-had a wonderful experience at your office.  Waiting to start until I know the cost, TV to watch while you worked, warm towels afterwards, I felt extremely well cared for.

Christine B

I was treated with respect and concern for my welfare.  Thank you so much.  I had no problems after the root canal.

Angela W